3 Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Workspace for Businesses

What would happen if you had a dirty workplace? Would the productivity of your employees suffer? Would your employee morale plummet? 

It’s no secret that most of us would prefer to work in a clean environment. But there are actually numerous benefits to maintaining a clean workspace. In this blog post, we’ll outline the top three advantages. 


1. A clean workspace makes a positive first impression.

Chances are, making a positive impression on your clients is an important part of your business. Although it might not seem like much, a clean workspace can make a huge difference in whether your clients feel comfortable and confident about working with you. 

Unorganized and dirty offices convey unprofessionalism, carelessness, and laziness—qualities you probably don’t want to be attributed to you or your business. Whether it’s your entryways, reception areas, offices, board rooms, or restrooms, it’s important to keep all the parts of your workspace clean and organized. 


2. Your employees will appreciate a cleaner workspace.

More and more employees are caring about workplace cleanliness these days. A recent Dynata survey found that most employees, regardless of vaccination status, want their workplaces to place a renewed emphasis on cleaning due to the fear of contracting covid. Almost 90% of survey respondents believed that workplace cleaning protocols are very or somewhat important, with 77.2% of respondents believing the workplace should be cleaned at least once a day.

A cleaner workspace helps your employees feel not only safer and healthier but also happier too. According to psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter, clutter makes it difficult for people to relax because it signals to the brain that one’s work is never done. This mental clutter can then be just as stressful, if not more stressful, than physical clutter. 


3. A clean workspace improves productivity.

Research from Harvard has found that cluttered spaces have negative effects on our stress and anxiety levels. With workplace stress costing American businesses up to $190 billion every year in health care costs alone, it’s important that employers address this issue—which they can by maintaining a tidy work environment. 

That’s because a clean workspace improves employee productivity by cutting down on distractions, disorganization, and mess. This allows employees to focus and concentrate better. Fortunately, business owners can outsource their janitorial services so they provide a clean environment for their employees without any of the headache or hassle.  

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