Tired of chasing around your cleaning company?

Business owners understand that it’s important to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe workplace. That’s why when they outsource their janitorial services, it can be unbelievably frustrating to chase down their cleaning companies.

After all, shouldn’t a professional cleaning company remove all of the hassle and headache from managing your company’s cleaning?


Communication is key

When the cleaners come, it should be clear they did their job, right? No business should ever have to check whether or not their cleaning company did their job.

That’s why communication is key. If for any reason your cleaner can’t make the next appointment, that should at the very least be clearly communicated. However, many cleaners struggle to provide effective communication, which is ultimately damaging to their business’s reputation as well as their bottom line. 

One key sign as to whether your cleaning company has effective communication is whether they have the right tools in place. For example, some cleaning teams use two-way radios to communicate. Others might provide a cleaning report after every appointment. 

In order to build a reliable and long-lasting partnership, your cleaning company should be doing everything they can to ensure your satisfaction. 


The Green Clean Difference

Communication is essential to providing our customers with high-quality cleaning services. Bringing our customer service to the next level is only possible with innovation and great technology.

Through the use of technology and app-based communications, we are able to provide our clients with access to detailed reporting. In addition, we can communicate with our cleaners so they know how and when to focus. Below are a few examples of how we track and communicate cleaning:

  • GPS employee tracking and hours
  • Cleaning instructions with pictures
  • App-based text communications
  • Easy to read inspections and results

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